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The Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is a time capsule exhibition located in the Sailmakers Shopping Centre, Ipswich, and showcases the stories of the Windrush Generation via a unique collection of memorabilia and a memorial wall honouring the local community. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

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Can you help us find a permanent home?

We're urgently looking for a new home for the Reflection Room display after being asked to leave our space at Sailmakers Shopping Centre before the end of 2024.

If you can help, please contact us.

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New location

Visit us at our new (temporary) location: First floor, Sailmakers Shopping Centre, opposite River Island.


April 19 2024

Clock is ticking in Windrush museum“s pursuit to find permanent home

“The IWS is about protecting and sharing stories with everyone, and truly, everyone is welcome,” said Mr Thomas. “We are committed to inclusivity and engage with schools and visitors to our micro museum in the Sailmakers shopping centre to weave the vibrant tapestry of the Windrush generation's narrative into the fabric of Ipswich's collective heritage.”

February 26 2024

Ipswich Windrush find temporary home amid ongoing search

Mr Thomas was disappointed to be told in January that he would need to dismantle his installation and vacate the premises. Mr Thomas has now moved into a new space, also in the Sailmakers, and will be ready to receive visitors from the end of this week. His new 'Reflection Room' can be found on the ground floor beside the new Ed Sheeran Mural, opposite the old back entrance to River Island. However, this is a temporary solution, and the display will only be here until the end of May, just three months away.

Visitor Reviews


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visitor reviews

Thank you for your review! If you would like to see the Reflection Room exhibition continue, please consider making a small donation.

The Reflection Room, Sailmakers, Ipswich

“This is an important monument to an important part of Ipswich's history. A fantastic achievement that Max brings to life. This is storytelling made real, made tangible and has so much potential. I look forward to seeing this grow and develop.”

Nigel BallHead of Arts
University of Suffolk
January 25 2024
University of Suffolk

Windrush Exhibition, Ipswich Town Hall

“In time for the Windrush celebration, a small but poignant exhibition from the Windrush era was held in the Reading Room of the Town Hall.”

“This little exhibition with its artefacts, furnishing, and pictures took so many people back to days gone by, fond memories of a generation lost but not forgotten. Those that stood and looked in at the Exhibition during its 3-week display spoke fondly of items their grandparents and parents had in their homes, the clock, television, carpet. Overhead conversations made by parents to children on what a gramophone was or how a typewriter worked. It made people smile remembering times gone by.”

“Today`'s society is filled with throw away items, a sad reflection of how times have changed over the years, our grandparents worked hard and valued the items in their homes, things passed down to sons and daughters. Reflection comes in many ways – reflecting about the past but also the future, what treasures will today's society leave for future sons and daughters and how will we be remembered.”

Cari HodkinsonMarkets & Shopmobility Manager
Ipswich Town Hall & Corn Exchange
July 25 2022
Ipswich Borough Council

It was lovely to see all the stuff from the past.

AnonymousWed Apr 03 2024

A Kinder Age! Memories!

AnonymousWed Apr 03 2024

It was lovely to see everything from the passed. Lovely memories.

D S ChuteWed Apr 03 2024

It was nice to share in the heritage.

Leulah & Xayne SmithTue Apr 02 2024

Amazing work – we learnt so much!

Anna, Jess & Jo. Lewisham.Tue Apr 02 2024

Very nice place and memories. Proud of our history. Missing family and good friends.

MaisieTue Apr 02 2024

Brilliantly put together collection. Very informative. Brilliant and friendly. Lovely place 😊

Sandy Age 35Tue Apr 02 2024

I think this place is very educational for people my age and older/younger people and people my age and how they have organised it is amazing.

Aria 9 years oldTue Apr 02 2024

Just what the Ipswich Community needs to make us co-exist in harmony and learn the history and contribution of the Windrush Generation.

Z Choto (red Scorpion sound Zimbabwe)Tue Apr 02 2024

Lovely little find. Max made us feel very welcome and showed me and my autistic son around. Lovely history and a lovely tour. Thank you.

KirstieTue Apr 02 2024

Great Place, great man Max. Lots of history. I had a record player like one in here.

Alison and granddaughter, SiennaTue Apr 02 2024

Thank God you all came to England after the war and gave us so much help to rebuild London. I lived in Leytonstone and there were so many Bomb Sites. So thank you.

Gill HigginsTue Apr 02 2024